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performing new compositions by one of the world's great keyboard percussionists integrating piano, marimba, metalophones (vibraphone, songbells, glockenspiel and chromatic crotales) as well as various drums and voice, performer/composer Bob Becker has developed a unique concept for keyboard ensemble. He is joined in concert by virtuoso pianist Nikki Stoia and some of the most exciting mallet players today, including Christopher Norton and She-e Wu, both finalists in the recent Leigh Howard Stevens International Marimba Competition. Also included in the current repertoire is the haunting work Cryin' Time, which adds the brilliant young soprano Barbara Hannigan to the Ensemble.

Current concert programs consist of works composed since 1990:

Cryin' Time
Turning Point
There is a Time
Prisoners of the Image Factory

All of the Ensemble performers are available for workshop and masterclass sessions which can encompass literally the entire spectrum of classical keyboard technique and repertoire. (Topics extend from ragtime xylophone styles through classical piano accompaniment and on to the most contemporary marimba techniques and literature. A complete listing of clinics and masterclasses is available upon request.)

For information regarding concert appearances and bookings please contact: XYLOMUSIC 20 Brockton Avenue Unit #1 Toronto, Ontario Canada M6K 1S5 Phone: (416) 537-5811 Fax: (416) 537-7368