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The Sounds of Vietnam - Page 1

These sound files are big, so be patient. The first eight clips are what you might have heard on the radio on the afternoon of September 4, 1971.  My thanks to Mel Major for this tape.  Other Comments below are from a tape that Mel sent home in 1968, also from a tape by Andy Bailey.
AFVN Radio R & R in Hawaii     Skag
What's Playing at the Theatre Seven & Seven   USO
Don't Forget to Write Home   Chieu Hoi
Something Happening   Guard Duty
Shooting Sampans   Sandbags!
Cool Aid, Cool Aid, Cool Aid!   Gas Masks
Shorter & Shorter!   No Mess Hall!
Extend For 30 Days   Forward Observer
Bailey's Sergeant Major!   Infiltration Route
    My Moustache!
    BJ's Accident!
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