Jenn & Dan Tour Europe

The flight over was pretty good – I highly recommend British Airway

The boat we were on (the Constellation) was absolutely amazing; it's only a year old.

There is a "special" restaurant on the boat called Ocean Liners. They prepared most of
the meal at the table and everything was very fancy. We had dinner in the wine cellar
(yes, IN the wine cellar) one night.

We didn't see very much of Dover (England). Pretty much an industrial port.
Didn't see very much of England, period. Just drove from Heathrow to Dover.
The white cliffs are beautiful.

Brussels was OK. Nothing special. We did find an excellent cigar store and
Dan bought some Cubans there.

Paris was amazing. We are definitely going back there someday. One day was
simply not enough time to see the city

Vigo, Spain was nothing to write home about. Small city, lots of graffiti,
pretty dirty.

Lisbon, Portugal was a lot of fun.

The Strait of Gibraltar was beautiful - we went through it at night.
Apparently the ships have to wait in line to go through because the channel
is so narrow. It was all lit up and gorgeous.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain is a playground of the rich, and it looked it.

We thought that Nice, France was very overrated. They had a great produce
market, and we took off our shoes and walked in the Mediterranean, but not
much else. We also drove to Monaco and saw the palace.

We went to Florence and Pisa while we were in Italy. Florence we would
definitely go to again - but in the winter. We saw David, the cathedral, a whole
bunch of tombs (Galileo, DaVinci, etc.). You could spend a month and not see
it all - literally. Pisa was just the leaning tower, really, there was nothing there.

In Barcelona we only saw the airport.

I caught a cold on the way home and spent the weekend in bed.

(Condensed version of Jenn's letter)  /Dad

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