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Vietnam Small Album!

Small Album Cover!

Obtained in Nam from the venders at the gate.

Four Duce Mortar Pit!

That's the M30 4.2 Inch (Four Duce) mortar. It is a rifled muzzle loading, high-angle fire weapon. It was phased out of service during the 1980's.

Mortar Fire Mission!

Four-Duce in action. That's Zebro and James Brown in there as "guests" on this fire crew. They belong to the Alley Oop gun crew.

Larry at French Fort!

This is an early photo, 1968.

155 Self-Propelled Gun!

That's an M109 SP Howitzer! Introduced in the 1960's, it weighs in at 27.5 tons. It is fitted with an 50 Cal. (Ma Duce) machine gun up on top. Twenty-eight rounds of 155MM were carried onboard as well as 500 rounds for the 50 cal.

155s by the road!

The SP guns had to stick to the roads in Vietnam, weighing in at 27.5 ton, they would sink in the muck if they strayed far from hard surface roads.

Chinook Bringing in 155mm Ammo!

This ammo came in 8 each to the pallet. Each round weighed in at 95 pounds.

Chinook with Trailer Load of Ammo!

The Chinook was a work horse for supply and personnell transport, especially when the road to Tay Ninh was closed.

Three Soldiers from SD!

That's Tom Dwyer (Left), James Potter (Middle), and myself, all together in French Fort, 1969.

Captured Enemy Weapons!

Chinese made weapons taken on a sweep by the infantry guys.

Chinook on the ground!

Larry & the M14

This is an early photo, 1968. That's the most dependable weapon the Army ever issued me!

The Perimeter!

Looking out over an M60, from a guard bunker.

Disposing of "Refuse"!

Yes, it was an actual S--- detail!

The material was taken out, mixed with kerosenel and burned.

Disposing of "Refuse"!

Ya, you just pour in kerosene and burn it!

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