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           Early Family Photos & Documents

Young Dad!

This is my father in 1936.

Dad and his John Deere!

Dad and tractor, about 1945.

Dad & His Horns!

Check out that Elvis pout! Dad was way cool!

Dad, Pete Heintz, & Rich Zoller!

Dad sitting in his 1934 Ford Coupe. This is probably in the early '40s.

Grandpa, Dad and Billy!

Grandpa, Dad and Dad's horse, in the 1940's.

Dad Riding Billy!

Dad out for a ride on his black horse Billy.

Uncle Ben & Grandpa!

This is how I remember Grandpa. He looks like this in my distant memories.

Rick and Grandma Lisby!

This is a rare photo of Grandma Lisby. She died quite young, of cancer.

Dad Directs the Blunt School Band!

The school band in 1958. That's me on first trumpet.

Dad's Dance Band!

Dad played in dance bands all of his life. Dad is a member of the Musicians Hall of Fame in South Dakota.

Ben & Marie - 1977!

This is Ben and Marie's fiftieth wedding aniversary picture.

The Farm!

That's the farm house east of Blunt, where Dad raised the family; notice the wind mill which charged batteries to give us lights at night.

The Barn!

This is the barn on the farm east of Blunt.

Kleinschmidt Klan - 1945

From Left: Ben, Charlotte, Cora, Ruth, Chet, Grandma Kleinschmidt, Grandpa Kleinschmidt, Uncle John, Roland and Robert!

Uncle Ben's Place - 1954!

Uncle Ben & Curt Westover, 193X!

That's a fine young colt, Uncle Ben!

Blunt Highschool!

This is were I went to highschool, my dad also attended this school in Blunt.

Blunt Gym!

This is the gym where I played highschool basketball. It is now a garage.

My Life of Crime!

This is my delinquency paper. I wrecked a car while driving the kids to school. The car was Grandpa Kleinschmidt's 1948 Kaiser.

Gus Relates Family History - 1937

Note, the family came from Iowa with two mules, two horses, and two cows; that was in 1882.

History by Gus Kleinschmidt - Page 2!

Note the little poem about land improvements, in the last paragraph. Humor even in such hard times. Note also the reference to the "old lone tree" Blunt was originally called Lone Tree.

History by Gus Kleinschmidt - Page 3!

August Kleinschmidt's Will - Page 1

Written in his own hand in 1888. August brought the family from Iowa to Dakota Territory in 1882. He died in 1890 of a heart attack.

August Kleinschmidt's Will - Page 2!

August Kleinschmidt's Will - Page 3!

Written in his own hand over 110 years ago.

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