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Nicholas Kleinschmidt!

Here's a gaze from about a hundred years ago. Nicholas brought the family to America. I am decended from his son August who fought in the Civil War. Nicholas died in 1901 after a stroke.

August Kleinschmidt!

August in his Civil War uniform. He is my Great-Grandfather. He died in 1890 of a heart attack, leaving a widow and nine kids, the youngest (Oscar) was two at the time.

August Kleinschmidt & Family in 1890

Seated on the far right is Great-Grandfather, August Kleinschmidt who brought the family to Dakota Territory in 1882. He came to Dakota with two mules, two horses, two cows and a wagonload of kids. There was land to claim back in those years. August died on July 12, 1890 of a heart attack.

Tillie Kleinschmidt - 1894!

Matilda was the fourth child of August Kleinschmidt. Grandpa was the eighth. It was August Jr., Frederick, William, Matilda, George, John, Ernest, Albert Frank (Grandpa), Gustave, and Oscar! (WOW!)

Ed, John & Frank!

That's my Grandfather on the right.

Butch & Sundance!

Na, that's George Poach and William Kleinschmidt. William was child number 3, right after Gus.

Henry Kleinschmidt!

Henry was child number 5. George Henry was the next child after Matilda.

The First Missouri Bridge!

That's Uncle Gus (right, foreground) helping build the first railroad bridge across the Missouri at Pierre, SD, about 1906. Gus was my Grandpa's older brother.

Lillie May Gustafson in 1907!

This is Grandma Kleinschmidt in her youth.

Young Lillie Gustafson!

This is the young lady Frank married on Christmas Day of 1909!

Young Frank Kleinschmidt, Early 1900's!

John Belders Plowing in 1910!

Uncle John was Grandma's brother. Breaking sod was work that paid $6.00 per acre back then, of course you had to supply your own team and plow.

Grandpa & Grandma in 1912!

Check it out! Grandma, Grandpa, baby Ben and a hired man. See the calendar on the wall; it's March of 1912!

Victor Ross Kleinschmidt!

Ross was Dad's oldest Brother. He died of polio in 1924.

Great-Grandma's House in Blunt, 1920!

This house was built for Dad's Grandma (Laurette, August's wife). Built in 1908, she moved there from the tree claim land she owned. Grandpa then farmed the tree claim after he married Grandma in 1909. This house still stands in Blunt where it was built.

Grandma Kleinschmidt!

This is my Grandmother, in 1918, out to do some heavy hauling with the team and wagon.

Grandpa Kleinschmidt!

That's my Grandpa driving his 1918 Model T Ford!


Grandma Kleinschmidt trying to crank up the Model T, in 1918. That's her mother looking on in the background.

Frank & Lillie, about 1918!

Out for a buggy ride, without the horse, Ha!

Grandma & Grandpa Kleinschmidt!

Frank & Lillie, in 1918.

Grandma & Grandpa, 1946!

In front of the Blunt house, originally build for Grandpa's mother. This house was built for Great-Grandma, Laurette, in 1908.

Grandma & Grandpa Kleinschmidt!

Frank & Lillie in 1954. Grandma died in 1955.

Ben & Marie, the Early Years!

Uncle Ben as a Child!

I'm not sure of the year.

Music Lessons in 1934!

Grandpa, Dad and cousin Bob (Ben's oldest son) play a few notes.

Roland, Ruth & Bob!

Ready for school in 1936.

Uncle Ben in 1938!

Uncle Ben showing off.

Dad on Old Billy, 1956!

Dad showing off.

Kleinschmidt Kids 'a horseback - 1940!

There was always lots of Kleinschmidt kids, and not so many horses, Ha!

Charlotte - 1940!

Charlotte is Uncle Ben's youngest daughter.

Dad, Me & Grandpa Lisby - 1946!

The gentleman on the far right is Grandpa Lisby's father, so this is a four generations picture, sort of!

Uncle Ben's Family in 1948!

Roland, Bob (in Marine uniform), Ruth. Seated is Uncle Ben, Charlotte and Aunt Marie.

Four Generations - Ben's - 1950!

Grandpa Kleinschmidt, his son Ben, Ben's daughter Ruth, and her son Collins.

Charlotte & Grandpa - 1954!

Looks like Charlotte is about to pour a bucket of milk on Grandpa.

Bath time on the Farm - 1958!

That's Dad in the stock tank.

Grandpa's Violin, in 1999!

Check out the next two photos!

Grandpa Playing his violin, in 1918!

Old picture of Grandpa as a younger man. It's a dark photo, but you can get a clear look at Grandpa's face. Now check out the next photo!

Dad playing Grandpa's Violin, in 1999!

Here's Grandpa's violin being played by my father 81 years later!

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