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My Interests are many,  and always in excess of the funding I have to sponsor them!

  • "The Girls":  I am a man rich in daughters!    The highlight of my life, the best I have ever done, is represented in the three young women whom I have had the privilege to nurture over the years.

  • Grand Kids!  I have six GRAND kids!  Another one is due in February, 2010.  See them all in the photo galleries.  They are the delight of my life.  Each one is precious and beautiful!  Carey has three (she got the two-for-one deal), twins now a year old and a beautiful daughter; Laurel has one, and one coming in February, and Jenn has two!

  • Digital Photography:  I have  a digital camera which  is wonderful for storing pictures.  Most of what you see on this website are photos I have taken with that camera.  Check the photo albums, you will see my photos, and old photos which I have scanned (the old ones are more fun!).

  • Hiking:  I have grown very fond of the mountains in New England.  I like Mt. Monadnock very much and hike it many times each season.

  • Bicycling:  I have taken to this for exercise, and fun.  I have a "hybrid" and a "mountain" bike.  I must admit the hybrid gets most of the work.  Riding "off road"  is a lot of work and kind of dangerous (but boy do I look good on that mountain bike, Ha!).

  • Computing:  I have enjoyed computers over the years.  They have been a big part of my career, and also it is just so much fun to have all those gadgets. My latest endeavor is the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) courses; I hope to pass the tests and become certified in 2002.  UPDATE:  Testing is now complete for the MCSE!  MS now recognizes me as an MCSE(Microsoft Certified System Engineer), and a MCSA (Take a look at my transcript).  I have also just completed the CompTIA Network+ certification. Hoorahhhhh!

  • Tinkering:  I love to tinker at projects in carpentry and automotive repair.  That's because these projects require TOOLS!!   I am sure that if they were to combine Home Depot with CompUSA, there would be no other place where I would shop (well, maybe the motorcycle shop, ha!).

  • Guitar:  (October, 2006) I've decided to try to learn to play electric guitar; I like the Blues, soooooo, we'll see!

  • Motorcycle:  I love to ride.  I acquired a cruiser this summer, it's a Yamaha RoadStar.  This is the second "Roadie" that I have owned, I like them a lot.

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