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Earl’s Get Well Salute!


Brother soldier, friend

Your knees won’t backward bend,

Your body’s not of steel,

With gravity you deal.


     When in a plane in flight,

With the earth you fight.

You know that in the end,

Earth’s gravity will win.


     When from the plane you jump,

Your judgment’s in a slump.

The Earth’s caress you’ll feel,

Your body’s not of steel.



The sweet earth’s pull is eager,

And your defense is meager.

A parachute you trust,

You slam into the dust!


     This day your luck is short,

Your legs can not support

The impact that you feel,

The earth wins every deal.


     I wish you healing speed,

And when you feel the need,

To jump from planes in flight,

That urge I hope you’ll fight!

LCK  May, 2000


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