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The Rocket and I!

Sometimes Charlie had 120 mm rockets which he would send our way. They were not very accurate, very limited guidance system. This one landed in the compound then bounced over into the perimeter, did not explode.

120 mm Rocket Head!

That's the business end of the rocket. The impact fuse was defective, it did not explode. The day after this round showed up, an ordinance guy came out; he nonschalantly picked the thing up and carried it out to be disposed of.

The Rocket!

From the bottom end, that tube is where the propellent was stored. There were fins on the end of it. Notice just to the left of the round is an E8, CS gas canister, and tangled around it is the concertina (barbed) wire.

Impact Point!

That hole is were a mortar round landed and penetrated through the PSP paving. It was pretty exciting that night.

Direct Hit!

Charlie got lucky once in a while. This truck took a direct mortar round, blew it all to H---.

Direct Hit!

That's where the mortar round penetrated the bed of the truck.

Wrecked Truck!

This truck ran onto a land mine in the road to Tay Ninh. The driver, Kevin Dugan was killed in the explosion. Dan McCorkle and others riding in the back were wounded.

The Latrine!

Charlie had the coordinates on this place! He hit it every night. It wasn't a safe place to "do your business".

Mortar Round through the Roof!

We covered our bunkers with tin roofing; then Charlie blew holes in it, like this one!

Mortar Round!

That's the end of an exploded mortar round. It's stuck in the dirt roof of our living quarters bunker.

Mortar Round!

This round went in a bit deeper, it made it into the bunker below.

After a Mortar Attack!

This vehicle is seriously disabled after mortar rounds fell near it. We tried to protect it with dirt filled canisters, but nothing could keep the mortar fire out.

Disabled Truck!

Another vehicle disabled after mortar attack. It finally got so bad that we used only track vehicles, nothing with rubber tires could survive the action.