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Working The Gun II!

Ammo Care!

Ammo came in on pallets and was then stored in an ammo bunker right behind the gun pad. The bunker was heavily protected, burried in sand bags. That's James Brown moving a round.

Sgt. Richie Lends a Hand!

That's Sgt. Richie Johnson, our "instant NCO" trying to carry a round into the bunker.

Hard Times at French Fort!

My pants were wearing a little thin there! Funny, I don't remember spending that much time sitting down!

More Ammo Storage!

Projo humping was an equal opportunity event. Everyone on the crew pitched in.

Ralph Jones!

Ralph fetches another round. That's a 204 lb. round and about a 135 lb. Ralph!

Alley Oop!

Nice side view.

Storing Away Ammo!

Unloading Powder!

Powder came in canisters. We hauled it into camp on the track vehicle, then stowed it in the bunker.

Myself carrying a Projo!

That's Miller on the left, our gun driver. Humping projos was an equal opportunity event. Notice the nice sun tans! I'm guessing now that if Agent Orange doesn't get me, skin cancer will!!

Himself by the Gun!

The Cockpit!

This is where the driver sits. It has a hatch which can latch down, so It's pretty safe in there. Viewing for driving was through prisms, so you didn't get shot in the eye.

Me in the Gunners Seat!

The gunner sat on the left of the barrel, and ran the sighting mechanism, aimed the gun. Aiming was indirect using elevation and deflection from a compass point. I got to be the gunner late in my tour.

Drunken Gun Driver!

Someone at the gate sold Miller some "Ba Moui Ba" - Biere "33", oh it was awful stuff, but the weather was hot, and times were bad! We weren't going anywhere that day anyway.

Alley Oop!

Gun at the edge of the pad.

Alley Oop!

The other side view.

Alley Oop!

Sundown View.