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Perimeter Mission!

Crew Loading a round!

That rounds sits on a hydraulic lifting hoist. This was a great help when it was working. That hoist also had a hydraulic ram built into it, to ram the round into the chamber of the gun.

High Trajectory Round!

This one went way up then detonated on a timed fuse up in the air just above the target. This method was called "Killer Senior", developed in Nam to get more effective cover on close-in targets. An air burst round was more effective than direct fire on a close target.

Low Trajectory Round!

This round was fired very low and directly at the target, with a point detonated fuse.


A round sent down range at a very low trajectory. Notice all the dust in front of the gun, caused by the blast from the muzzle.

The Target!

The target was a spot clear out near the edge of the perimeter. You can see some smoke rising out there. There was some enemy activity out there.

Target Explodes!

Notice the fire ball out at the target area. Not sure what Charlie had stored there, but it was all gone in a flash.

And the Target Explodes!

Smoke Cloud!

More Smoke Cloud!

Target Activity!

Dust and smoke rising from the target area.

After the Mission!

The target area is settling down, smoke almost gone, as was everything else that was there!