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Working The Gun!

8 In. Self Propelled Gun!

The M110, 8 in. gun was a shorter barrel, and a shorter range (about 10 miles), and a bigger round. Our gun was called "Alley Oop"! Muzzle velocity is 1,950 FPS.

Alley Oop at Sunset!

This gun has a range of 10.5 miles. It is a rifled cannon, and has an "interrupted stepped threaded breech". That means the breech will close and lock with one half turn.

My First Gun Crew!

This is the first gun crew I was on when I got to Vietnam. From the left, Miller, Bursky, Dunn, Zebro, Frenchie, Griffin, myself, and Bobby Mack.

Part of the first gun crew I was on!

That's Lynnwood Dunn (best poker player in French Fort!), Zebro, Frenchie, and myself.

Prokop & Griffin taking a break!

Writing Home!

This is John ________. We called him JJ.

Gun and Gun Pad.

The bunker on the right was an ammo bunker.

Bobby Fechetto!

That's Corporal Fechetto, thank you!

Bobby Mack (on the right)!

The last Gun Crew I was on!

This is the crew as it was when I rotated out of Vietnam.

Myself, Sgt. Richie and Bursky!

Sgt. Richie was our shake'n'bake NCO; he was a good and fair seargent and learnt a lot from those who had been in-country longer. Note Bursky pointing out the inverted-stepped threaded breach on our gun. It closed and latched with one half-turn (tisk, tisk).

Alley Oop and Friends!

Here's a view of the gun looking down the business end!

Moving Ammo!

We kept a couple hundred rounds of ammo in the bunker behind the gun pad.

Bursky and Sgt. Richie Johnson!

Taking a break in the shade of the ammo bunker.

John on the Gun Deck!

Bursky just Leaving!

Crew on the Deck!

From left, Sgt. Richie Johnson, Bursky, Ssgt. Woodard, and Prokop. I can't identify the guy on the ground.

Gun During Fire Mission!

Storing Ammo Away!

The projectiles came in pallets. The power canisters came bunched together. All had to be safely stored under cover of the ammo bunker.

Cleaning Alley Oop!

From left, Sgt. Richie, Frechetto (above), myself on the deck, and Bursky.

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