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Safe Conduct Pass!

Also called a Chieu Hoi leaflet. This one shows a B52 air strike. That's a very scary thing.

B52 Raid!

This is an actual B52 raid off in the distance. That day they told us to stay inside, the ground quaked as the bombs landed. It rained twigs and burned leaves all afternoon.

Chieu Hoi!

Chieu Hoi means literally "Open Arms". Someone presenting this leaflet was expected to be welcomed with "open arms", even if he had been shooting at you just minutes before.

Propaganda Leaflet!

These were thrown from aircraft as they passed over, so some areas were quite covered with them. Charlie always carried one, just in case he ran out of ammo.

Safe Conduct Pass!

That's the South Vietnam President on the left.

"The Flag" Safe Conduct Pass!

About 50 billion copies of this pass were dropped over Nam. Those who surrendered were known as "Hoi Chanh", and were often integrated into allied units as Kit Carson Scouts, operating in the same area where they had been captured.

Propaganda Leaflet!

The B52 run featured again.

Propaganda Leaflet!

Featuring food and health care for the surrendering trooper.

Propaganda Leaflet!

Not sure what the meaning is behind this one.

Propaganda Leaflet!

The Chieu Hoi program was inexpensive and is credited with removing some 100,000 combatants from the field.

Propaganda Leaflet!

One of the greatest achievements of the Chieu Hoi program was the defection of one Lt. La Thanh Tonc of the North Vietnamese Army. He surrendered to the marines at Khe Sanh, in January of 1968. He provided the marines with the NVA battle plan to take Khe Sanh.

Chieu Hoi Leaflet!

Check out the Chieu Hoi sound clip under "Sounds of Nam"