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At The Gate!


The area by the gate was the landing zone for the helicopters that supplied French Fort, above a chinook comes in with sling. It was also the staging area for temporary gun batteries.

Chinook Dropping Slings!

That's Boeing's CH47 Chinook. A great transport vehicle, still in service today. It's a twin engine, tandem rotor, heavy lift helicopter, with a max. gross weight of 33,000 pounds.

Chinook landing its Load!

Here you see the chinook landing its sling filled with ammo and supplies.

Activity on the Road!

Here you see a convoy coming from the road. In the foreground you see supplies, concertina wire, and steel PSP (or Marsden Mats) decking for the camp. Concertina was used to build perimeter obstacles to keep Charlie out.

Vendors at the Gate!

Here you see the people congregating along the road by the gate. They would bring anything they could sell to soldiers, anything!

Grunts on Patrol!

It was dangerous out in our perimeter, we had mines, concertina wire and CS gas.

People at the Gate!

LOH (Loach)!

Light Observation Helicopter. The Hughie 0H-6A Cayuse. This was one way of travelling into town (Tay Ninh) when Charlie blocked the road. This little chopper was very quiet, with a four blade prop, and was sometimes armed with a mini-gun, although I rode many trips with a pilot whos only help was an M16 lying across his lap! This chopper often worked together with the Cobra, it would fly close to the ground, draw fire, spot the enemy position and then call in "big brother" to raise hell.

Convoy on the road!

Picking up Ammo!

Here you see the track vehicle and guys loading powder canisters to be driven into the fort and placed in the ammo bunkers.

Growth along the Road!

Here you see tents, and on the right side a gun implacement, just outside the gate. This was a temporary staging area for batteries of smaller guns.

Left Overs!

Here you see a view out into the perimeter. There was lots of stuff left behind. All we really needed was a clear field of fire.

Flying Crane!

This big grasshopper looking helicopter was used to carry heavy loads. It would bring in new gun barrels for the 8 inch and long guns. For a while Battery A was two long guns and two 8 inch guns.

Vendor at the Gate!

Selling anything to get the MPC (Military Pay Currency) or better greenbacks from the soldiers.

Activity at the Gate!

Lt. WhatsHisName shopping!

Battery of 155s!

Here you see a battery of 155 mm howtzers camped by the gate, and pretty well built up with sand bags, etc.