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Eight Inch Fire Mission!

Preparing for a Mission!

Here you see the gun on the pad, spade stuck into the ground, and the crew awaiting orders. This is the M110, 8 in. Self-Propelled Howitzer. It shoots a 203 lb. round out to a distance of 10.5 miles. This unit weighs 31.2 tons.

Laying The Gun!

The indirect sighting required the gun be laid (set up in relation to an azmuth on the compass). From this setup you would shoot based on degrees from that azmuth, muzzle elevation (to get distance), and powder charge. The photo shows the fire direction officer on top of the Fire Direction Center, aligning the gun.

Loading the Gun!

Here you see two projo handlers (ground crew), carrying a round in a cradle, to be lifted up onto the gun deck.

Photo by Mel Major!

Loading the Gun!

Here you see the hydraulic arm preparing to lift the round in its cradle up onto the gun deck.

Photo by Mel Major.

Loading the Gun!

Here you see a round being hoisted onto the gun deck, then rammed into the barrel. The round has been prepared by the gun crew with the proper fuse.

Powder Charge!

Here you see the powder handler, from the ground crew, with the powder charge in hand, waiting for the AG (Assistant Gunner) to call for the charge on deck.

Photo by Mel Major!

Powder Charge!

Here you see the powder charge (white bag with red end) being tossed up to the assistant gunner, who would then place it into the barrel behind the round. Next the breach would be closed and a firing cap placed into the firing mechanism.


Here you see the Assistant Gunner with the lanyard in his hand. He will jerk the lanyard to ignite the firing cap (something very similar to a 12 guage shotgun shell), and explode the powder, sending the round out to the target.


The powder has exploded and the round is on its way. The noise is powerful, louder than anything you can imagine. As the round leaves the barrel the gun recoils, moves backwards and then re-settles on the spade. Dust rises all around the gun, disturbed by the noise of the blast.


In this photo you can see the round as it leaves the gun. It is circled in blue just at the top right of the photo. Thanks to Mel Major for the photo!

Sgt. Woodards Gun Crew!

This was the last crew I was part of, just before I left Nam.

Himself and the Gun!

That's a look down the business end of an 8 inch gun.