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The Mountain!

Nui Ba Dinh (Black Virgin Mountain)!

The Mountain of the Black Virgin was just south of French Fort, between us and Tay Ninh City. The camp on top was called "The Rock". The Story is captured here: http://25thaviation.org/id263.htm . We used to shoot fire support for that camp when Charlie would attack.

Black Virgin Mountain

This shot is taken out the side gunners door of a chinook. I was headed into Tay Ninh that day. The camp was known "affectionately" as "The Rock". We owned the top, Charlie owned the sides of that mountain.

Black Virgin Mountain, from French Fort!

A view of the mountain on Christmas day! Notice the little Christmas tree on top of that bunker. It was not a good Christmas, not at all like home.

The Mountain in Rainy Season!

Black Virgin Mountain!

This is from the perimeter. The mountain had a beauty to it, even in the ugly world of the camp we lived in.

Nui Ba Dinh!

On a clear day. This was taken from the road to Tay Ninh. We were able to drive the road part of the time, some of the time Charlie would close it and we would be supplied by helicopter.

Black Virgin Mountain from French Fort!

This is the mountain from the top of the burm. The tin roofing covers bunkers used for living quarters.



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