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Standing Inspection!

Sgt. Woodard!

Sgt. Woodard was the crew chief for No.1 gun. An 8 inch gun called Alley Oop! It was the finest gun and gun crew in the battery (my personal opinion of course!)!

Sgt. Richie Johnson!

Sgt. Richie was the gunner and instant NCO for the No. 1 gun crew. We stood many inspections because French Fort was considered reasonably safe in daytime, and they could bring big shots out for a boondoggle to the "field" without getting them killed.

Cpl. Bobby Mack!

That's Regina on his helmet, the girl he left behind and longed for all through his tour. Here's to you Regina! Big Mac was a good crewmate, calm and steady; always a kind word for everyone.

Pfc. James Brown!

Member of No. 1 gun crew. I'm not sure of his rank, I think he was a private at that point. We always looked our best, for guys living underground like rats!

Spec. 4 Larry Kleinschmidt!

At this point I had not received my promotion to sergeant. Inspections were usually short. The big shot would take a look around French Fort and decide to didi mau (Vietnamese slang for "go quickly") on back to Tay Ninh. "Well, I'm from South Dakota , General Sir!" "Yes Sir General, I know you've never been there Sir!"

Sorry, can't remember!

Can't remember his name. He transferred in from another unit. There's no name on his uniform, I'm stuck.

Pvt. Miller!

This is the driver of No. 1 gun. We never went anywhere, so he only drove it around the gun pad, Ha!

Pvt. Jerry Bursky!

Fine member of No. 1 gun crew, and long-time friend. Bursky farms in Wisconsin, it's a beautiful place, peaceful and green.



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