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Bunker Life!

Sgt. Richie & ?

Sorry it's been too long, I'm forgetting names. Notice on the left, the red and white circular objects. Those are powder canisters which were filled with dirt and used instead of sand bags. Of course on the right is sand bags.

Sgt. Richie and (OH Ya!) Me!

At the door to our living quarters bunker.

Bursky By the Door!

Headed for the Shower!

Here we have FDC guys going for a shower, that's Larry Bond and James (Slim) Bueyah (can't remember the third guy). We were fortuate to have running water and showers, and unfortunate enough to have Charlie know when we showered, so we had to duck incoming mortar rounds occasionally.

Bursky at his Bunk!

Myself at my Bunk!

The inside of the bunker was built of boards from powder canisters, and packing crates, and some fine lumber liberated from the engineers.

Sgt. Kleinschmidt gets a New M16!

Sgt. Richie inside the Bunker!

Notice the ceiling of the bunker has been lined with tin. This kept the dirt above from falling in on us during fire missions. During fire missions the noise was so intense that the bunker would fill with fine dust.

Sgt. Richie's Bunk!

Sgt. Richie had a cot, while the rest of us slept in built-in bunk beds. Futon type mattresses were available from the vendors down at the gate.

?? at the Back Door!

The bunker had a door at each end. I slept in fear that Charlie might get inside the walls, and toss a grenade in one of those doors. There was no other exit.

Bursky gets an M16!

The famous, infamous Black Rifle. It came to Vietnam without instruction or cleaning equipment. It was very easily jammed; not at all like the M14 which you could depend upon no matter what!