Sergeant Andrew K. Bailey volunteered for Vietnam.  He became Assistant Gunner for Section Four of A Btry. 2/32 Artillery, later he was a Gunner.  He was injured in a mortar attack at French Fort on Sept. 18, 1968.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).  It took Andy years to recover.  He met and fell in love with his wife Beth Banks.  They married and were happy for several years when she suddenly died from a rare disease.  Andy was devastated. 
He then moved to Florida where people took advantage of him because of his brain injury.  He eventually lost contact with his family and died in 2006, broke and homeless.  He was buried in Davison, Michigan, in an unmarked grave next to his beloved wife. 
Shortly after his death Mel Major, his buddy from Gun Section Four took up the cause to obtain "A Stone For Sergeant Bailey" and the work began.  Mel enlisted the help of Larry Kleinschmidt in 2011 and Andy's story began to appear on this website.  In August, 2011 Chuck Healey sent us a CBS News Clip about military headstones and the company that produces them. 
Larry then wrote to Mr. Todd Robertson at Vermont Quarries who generously donated the headstone.  Larry next wrote to Mr. Jeff Martell at  Granite Industries of Vermont who generously donated the inscription work and shipped the stone to Michigan.  In September, 2011, Mel took delivery of the stone and transported it to Meadowview Memorial Gardens, Davison, Michigan where Mr. Michael Butts graciously installed it for us.  On April 28, 2012 we held a dedication service for Andy with full military honors.  Andy can now rest in peace with the honor and dignity which he earned when he walked among the Proud Americans at French Fort.  We wish to thank the contributors mentioned above who so generously gave of their time and resources so that Sergeant Bailey could have the honor and dignity he earned in service to our country.

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    (Listen to Andy's voice from Vietnam, 1968!)

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