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Daughters Growing Up

They say be careful what you wish,

some day it might come true.

I’ve wished the very best for you,

sometimes it makes me blue.

I’ve told you Dad is always there,

and that is always true.

You use that as a cornerstone,

a basic part of you.

I tried to teach you independence,

because I know how life can be.

And when you test and try your wings

the one who's left alone is me.


I said to make your own decisions,

and set priorities.

I knew too soon jobs, boys and life

would come ahead of me.

They say be careful what you wish,

I’ve wished you strong and free.

I only hold you for a while,

you don’t belong to me.

They say be careful what you wish

I’m wishing now to see

the day when you are grown and strong,

and looking back for me.

LCK  May, 2000

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