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                            Carey's Wedding Photos

Carey, Beautiful Bride!

Jordan & Gabe Before the Wedding!

Jared, Nikki & Jordan!

Jared & Jordan!

Jared, Nikki, Jordan & Gillian!

Dad & Nikki!

Jenn, Dad & Laurel!

Jenn & Clint!


Mom, Carey & Kelly!

Bear could not attend due to a motorcycle accident.


Nikki provided all the music for the wedding.

Wedding Flowers!

Clint, Carey, Dad & Nikki!

Clint, Carey Mom (Judy), Jordan, Dad & Nikki!

Clint, Carey, Jordan, Mom (Judy), Dad & Nikki!

Jordan, Cameron & Aidan!

Clint & Carey, Groom & Bride!

Carey & Bride's Maids!

Aimee, Alaina, Carey, Jenn & Laurel!

Carey & Bride's Maids!

Clint & Gillian!

Pretty Jordan!

Aimee, Gillian, Alaina, Carey, Jenn, Jordan & Laurel!

Gillian, Aimee's Daughter!



Carey & Jenn!

Laurel, Gabe & Nikki!

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