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December, 2011

Hi All,

       As time flies by, it is absolutely amazing how much has changed.  Jordan: Is now 12 and a half, and she knows everything (just ask her!). She is halfway through the seventh grade and is taking honors classes for math, science, social studies, and she has 9th grade gym!). She plays the bassoon in the symphonic band, plays premier soccer with AC Premier U13 and U14 teams, is riding horses, and has grown at least four inches in the past six months!!! She now wears my shoes, and she can look me in the eye. She was nominated by one of her teachers for a leadership conference next summer, she is looking forward to her trip! She will be going to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City for eight days of learning, sight seeing, and having fun! She is very excited for the opportunity to go on the trip without her parents or siblings around. She is also very excited to have a new brother, who was born December 14th to her father and step mother. His name is Connor, and Jordan is just gaga over the cute, little, guy. I'm not sure where the time has gone, but she is becoming quite a young lady. 


Caleb & Willow 

 Caleb & Willow: They celebrated their third birthday this summer. They are attending a private Montessori School three and a half days per week, and attend a speech class through the school district one morning per week. They are able to stay home with Clint on Tuesdays, which is a nice change for them.  Caleb enjoys trucks, tractors, and anything Cars 2! Willow enjoys trucks, tractors, Barbies, and not sharing toys with her brother. They both love reading with their dad every evening. Clint: Is still working in Mentor, but changed his work schedule so that he works every Saturday, and has every Tuesday off. Big change for all of us, but definitely better for the kids to have an additional day at home. Clint went to WI (by himself!) over 4th of July weekend, and he celebrated his 30th birthday. While he definitely missed the kids, it was a much needed break for a man who always works hard to be a good provider, husband, and absolutely excellent dad! 

 Carey: I changed jobs about a year ago, and I love my new job. I recently changed offices so I work closer to home, which is really nice. Between the job and home life, things are always chaos and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

As a family, we took a vacation to Orlando, Florida over Thanksgiving. We met up with Jenn & Dan, Alex & Ethan and had a great time spending time with them. We went to Sea World, Discovery Cove (Jordan got to swim with the dolphins!), and Disney. We also visited with Aunt Janice and Uncle Jim, and Grace (Cammy's daughter). Overall, it was a great trip. For Christmas and New Year's, we headed to Wisconsin just like every year. We spent time with Judy & Bear, Kelly & Alaina, Cameron & Aidan, and all of Clint's family. We had a good time. 

Love you and miss you tons!     /Carey  

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